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Car Cleaning

All County Steamers not only provides cleaning services for the home, but now we’ve also come to your car. We know there’s plenty of cleaning to be done in there. Think about it. When you’re not at home, you’re in your car. Driving back and forth, from point a to b. And there comes a time when you begin to do some of the things you usually do at home, in your car. Things like eating. Now, we’ve all been there. Unless you’re a “no eating in the car” sort of person, then you’re probably the other kind, the one that stops at the local grocery or 7 eleven and buys a bag of Doritos, and far too many boxes of your favorite candy. When you do this constantly, it results in a complete and utter mess. Which is why you will need car cleaning, right away. Specially if you need your car for your business, such as realtors that may even have their client get on their car to drive to a property that they’re looking into. You want to make a good impression, because if people see you don’t handle your car with care then they may not expect you to treat them and their potential transaction with the care and attentiveness it requires.

Interior Car Cleaning

Interior car cleaning options in car washes and traditional car cleaning services, are all good but they are generally way too costly and not too effective, especially if you must get your car cleaned every two weeks or so. All County Steamers is the recommendable; affordable and caring option for your car cleaning.

As a part of our car cleaning services, we offer:

  • Car interior steam cleaning
  • Cleaning of carpets
  • Car upholstery


Basically, we take care of everything that is terrorized and dirtied by food, constant usage, stains, garbage, and any other type of dirt or dust that has your car interior in bad conditions. Our certified cleaners will have your car in pristine conditions by the time they are done cleaning, every single corner of its interior. They will reach the parts of your car that are uncomfortable to reach and clean, to make sure that there’s a proper complete cleaning, and that you get your money’s worth.

When in need of car cleaning services, contact the team at All County Steamers. We’ll have your car looking brand new!

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